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ООО "Бертосервис" является представительством Idromeccanica Bertolini в Москве. ООО "Бертосервис" ведет деятельность по продаже и сервисному обслуживанию насосов марки “Bertolini” в России для промышленности и сельского хозяйства.
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Артикул 26041973    Цена 23 107,00 руб. (284,96 EUR)

The pump WJC-U series is perfect for misting/fogging systems (greenhouses, climate control systems, industrial humidification systems, outdoor cooling, poultry, horse and cattle cooling, odour neutralization systems, dust control systems, special fog effects, etc.). Direct-drive to electric motors up to 2 HP (1450 RPM, solid shaft dia. 24mm, size IEC 90, 4 poles, flange B14). Compact, easy to handle, runs very quiet. Designed to make it simple to service. It can  be used as a right or left handed.


- New head completely redesigned to accommodate unique check valves, specifically built to reduce clearance volumes.
- The pump efficiency is maximized, because of the rapid action time ability when starting up.
- New "V" and "U" packing seals system, designed to always maintain the surface of the piston clean and to prolong the seals life.



WJC U Series1


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